3D/4D scans, are they worth it?

As you might have read from my last post, I attended my Gender Scan on Saturday and found out that we are having a beautiful baby girl! During the scan, which I wasn’t aware of, the midwife showed Matthew and I a 3D ultrasound of our little womb invader. Have you had one? They’re amazing. Peculiar but amazing.

You could see Baby M’s little face, hands and facial expressions so clearly. At one point I thought she was smiling! (I can already tell that I am going that parent who documents everything and loses her mind over the tiniest of things!) But it was simply amazing. Seeing as she is still developing, the image was a little odd at times and she did look like a Space Raider crisp with her little eyes and forming skull. My beautiful little Space Raider.

The one part that I didn’t like was when Baby M kept putting her little hands up by her face almost saying:


At that point it wasn’t fun anymore 😦 I felt very intrusive and a bad mummy.

The photographs are brilliant though, I’m already thinking of how I can scrap book them! Hold me back! The stickers are coming out!

How did you find your scans?

Love Aimee and Baby M


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