The Mother’s Guilt..


I can already feel it bubbling away. Scratching at my conscience screaming “HOW COULD YOU?” Tugging on my shirt sleeve and reminding me that I have to return to work after I have had my baby.

I feel like the world’s worst mum, already. Oh what a lovely idea to have a baby! Oh welcome to the world baby! Let’s have a fun 9/12 months together baby! Bye baby mummy has to work! I just feel so selfish.

Will that feeling go?

Millions of women do it. Billions probably.

I know I am working for the right reasons…a better life and future (BLAH BLAH BLAH) but the feeling of someone else witnessing MY baby’s first steps and all of the other milestones makes my blood rage and my rage boil!

Fingers crossed for winning the lottery.

Don’t hate me baby.

Love Aimee and Baby M.


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