I’m dreaming of a…….

Of an anything, at the moment. You would not believe. These are the dreams to date that are totally bizarre and had me waking up in cold sweats:

  1. I was abducted and placed into an Italian Convent in Serbia where I was made to smile all day and eat blended vegetables. I was then expected to report back to the Chief regarding the condition of the blended vegetables, with a smile.
  2. I was 6 months pregnant and at the cinema, standard. People were coming up to me saying that my waters had broken, they hadn’t, and that I must go to hospital. Forced into hospital, I was pleading with nurses to listen to me but they wouldn’t. So I wasn’t in labour but everyone thought I was. Before I knew it, people were coming in to congratulate me on the birth of my child, that I didn’t have.
  3. My baby was 4 weeks old and I forgot to feed her. She didn’t cry or anything but I randomly remembered that I hadn’t bought any milk.

I wake up confused and concerned for my own mental sanity on a daily basis. Vivid dreams are normal during pregnancy, but this is taking the biscuit!

Ooooo biscuits…..

Love Aimee and Baby M.



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