Ebay delivery!

Since knowing I was going to be a mum I have been searching everywhere for bargains. Not that we necessarily need to be hunting high and low for them, but I get a kick out of saving money. I have already signed up to Bounty and Emma’s Diary and have collected some of my mummy packs (which are great by the way!)

So I have been scouring Ebay like a mad woman saving and watching everything that’s pretty, girly and pink. It’s being driving Matthew mad, as every 15 minutes he’ll either get a reminder notification or a ‘YOU WON!’. He says I have issues…

My four little purchases came through yesterday and I was overjoyed! All of the items are brand new with tags and are bloody adorable!

  1. Pair of 9-12 George cargo trousers in khaki. These are absolutely adorable and so soft! As you can see, their main colour is an army green and part of the pockets and turns up are of a bright orange colour and florally. I just thought they’d be perfect for activity days 🙂
  2. John Lewis 9-12 blue corduroy bunny dress.  I love corduroy! I love the feeling and the look, it reminds me of the winter months and layering. The dress is dotted with little white rabbits, pink flowers and green leaves. It’ll be perfect over a baby grow and white a pair of white woolly tights.
  3. MandCo 9-12 white cotton and blue dress. This dress is beautiful. It’s cool white cotton so ideal for a little active munchkin and the blue embroidered hem just adds a beautiful nautical touch. This adorable number also has a tie up at the back which you can make a bow with. So so cute!
  4. Matalan 9-12 pink and white check dress. This one is probably my favourite. It’s material is almost a soft boucle one and a warm outfit for the winter. It’s super soft and has a pretty gold thread running through it. It has two working pockets on the front that have a lace overlay. This is a very girly dress and will work perfectly with white tights.


I’m so excited for Baby M to be here. Not so excited about the melon size of it coming out of me though.

Love Aimee and Baby M.


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