No bra or half a dozen doughnuts?

As my pregnancy progresses I have formed into what can only be described as a toddler. My main priorities are: napping and food. I’m already thinking about what I am having for dinner as I’m cutting my cheese sandwich in half and yawning.

So yesterday it’s 9am and Matthew and I are deciding what we should do with the day, working around eating times, obviously. He suggested going to our local shopping centre and this was my process:

“Can I be bothered to put on a bra?”

“Does the Metro have Krispy Crème?”

“Have I washed my ‘fat day’ leggings?”

After asking and answering these questions in a Shakespearean style soliloquy, I decided that doughnuts were worth putting a bra on for.

What has my life come to?


Love Aimee and Baby M.