Mumma comfort.

IMG_5747.JPGIt’s 8:30pm and I’m in bed feeling a little bit sorry for myself. Hot chocolate and biscuits are comforting me though. I feel a little better.

I just want to be cared for and asked how I am sometimes. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

In the mean time…Cadbury is making a fortune out of me!


Tummy Touchers.

This is a new thing for me to experience. It makes me feel mightily awkward, invaded and disgusted. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP TOUCHING MY TUMMY?!

The only time this ever happened before was when I was below the age of 6 and I had a tummy ache. My mum would rub my stomach and I would miraculously feel better. But now, it’s just an invasion of my privacy.

The audacity of moving into my personal space and touching my body…WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! *deep breaths*

Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m always too polite to tell them to step away from my bump because my hormones will rage into something they’ve never seen before. So I usually just awkwardly smile, nervously laugh and step back (to limit the touching to a max of two seconds).



*turns off caps lock and stops bashing keys on keyboard*

*hunts for chocolate*


Love Aimee and Baby M.



The Mother’s Guilt..


I can already feel it bubbling away. Scratching at my conscience screaming “HOW COULD YOU?” Tugging on my shirt sleeve and reminding me that I have to return to work after I have had my baby.

I feel like the world’s worst mum, already. Oh what a lovely idea to have a baby! Oh welcome to the world baby! Let’s have a fun 9/12 months together baby! Bye baby mummy has to work! I just feel so selfish.

Will that feeling go?

Millions of women do it. Billions probably.

I know I am working for the right reasons…a better life and future (BLAH BLAH BLAH) but the feeling of someone else witnessing MY baby’s first steps and all of the other milestones makes my blood rage and my rage boil!

Fingers crossed for winning the lottery.

Don’t hate me baby.

Love Aimee and Baby M.


3D/4D scans, are they worth it?

As you might have read from my last post, I attended my Gender Scan on Saturday and found out that we are having a beautiful baby girl! During the scan, which I wasn’t aware of, the midwife showed Matthew and I a 3D ultrasound of our little womb invader. Have you had one? They’re amazing. Peculiar but amazing.

You could see Baby M’s little face, hands and facial expressions so clearly. At one point I thought she was smiling! (I can already tell that I am going that parent who documents everything and loses her mind over the tiniest of things!) But it was simply amazing. Seeing as she is still developing, the image was a little odd at times and she did look like a Space Raider crisp with her little eyes and forming skull. My beautiful little Space Raider.

The one part that I didn’t like was when Baby M kept putting her little hands up by her face almost saying:


At that point it wasn’t fun anymore 😦 I felt very intrusive and a bad mummy.

The photographs are brilliant though, I’m already thinking of how I can scrap book them! Hold me back! The stickers are coming out!

How did you find your scans?

Love Aimee and Baby M


Sugar and Spice and All Things…

That’s right…nice. It’s a girl! We’re so thrilled!

My partner’s family haven’t had a girl in their family for 85 years, so it’s a pretty big deal. It’s all very exciting and a little overwhelming!

I did the thing that most women do and went crazy with buying pink and lemon. It’s so refreshing to buy colours and not just grey…up to a week ago I was having a very miserable baby!

We’ve already started coming up with some names but we’re saving them all and keeping it a secret. All will be revealed when I have pushed a watermelon out of my womanly area *cringes*

So, I just thought I’d update you all! It’s a girl. My mum was right and Matthew is already taking up boxing to fight off future boyfriends. You think I’m joking…

God help me!

Love Aimee and Baby Mitchell


Yucky feelings.

I don’t think anyone can prepare you for that first bout of morning sickness.

I just remember the confusion that buzzed around my head of ‘But I haven’t eaten anything!’ I soon realised that I could be surviving on the purest of airs but it would still cause the luminous yellow bile.


It’s truly awful isn’t it.

So far in my 17 weeks with womb invader, I have been unfortunately caught out in the following places:

  1. A car wash
  2. A supermarket
  3. In my house
  4. In the houses of others
  5. In my car
  6. In disabled toilets
  7. In my kitchen.

The most mortifying and unfortunate was the car wash. My car had made it to the drying stage of the process and that’s when it happened. No warning. All down the side of my car whilst I tried to dodge and duck under the drying screens of the car wash. I felt like I was on the Ninja Warriors program. Mortifying.

But surely I must have felt sick prior to this. Oh no. Oh no my sugar lumps, I have about 5 seconds between ‘feeling’ and ‘being’.


And no, ginger biscuits don’t work. Although I am enjoying the excuse to eat biscuits. Nom nom nom.



Girl or Boy?

I find out this Saturday (17th) if I am having a girl or boy. I have been itching to know for weeks and weeks but now it’s getting closer? Not so much.

Your feelings change as a pregnant woman, don’t they…(she waits in hope that you say yes too.)

You start off wanting to know the sex of your baby for the material, cosmetic benefits of gender specific colour and the up and coming Next 5am sale. Yet, after a while you start to worry less about pinks and blues and more about is my baby healthy? And how on earth I am supposed to push a watermelon out of my private parts. *Shudders*

I honestly have no preference. A healthy baby is my preference and I hope and pray that my wish is granted.

I’ll keep you posted,

Aimee x

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Saying the things you shouldn’t say…

Upon finding out that I was going to be a mother, I have experienced a real chocolate box selection of feelings towards it.

I felt happiness, which is the socially expected feeling…thankfully, otherwise I would have felt like the worst woman in the world. A general sense of ‘everything is fitting into place.’

I experienced worry, which I think is normal, or at least I hope. A real sense of ‘WHAT THE F*CK AM I GOING TO DO?!’ The only solution I came up with was ‘be more careful next time’ but then that’s obvious and too bloody late. I was, and still am really, worried about money and our maturity to look after our invader. Matthew still needs to be reminded to pick his jeans up off of the floor and I am quite happy spending days eating 48950 calories watching Big Bang Theory back to back. *Passes me Mother of the Year award* *Accepts graciously*

Finally, I genuinely considered whether we would actually be able to do this. The long and short of it was…yes. Woop!

I feel very overwhelmed by it all and if one more person says to me “Have you thought of any names?” at 7 weeks, I will ensure their name is engraved on a headstone. Eugh. Raging hormones. Eugh.

I’m currently feeling horrendously sick. This might be the set of year 9 books I need to mark over Easter though…

So to round up…all the feelings are being felt and appreciated…all at once. YAY ME. YAY WOMB INVADER.